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Our Staff


Headteacher       Mrs. O'Neill
Depute Headteacher Mr. Murray
Principal Teachers Miss Williamson and Mrs Stevenson
Nursery Teacher   Mrs Weir
Primary 1  Mrs Currie  (Room 1) and Mrs Hamill (Room 2)
Primary 2/1 Mrs Paterson (Room 3)
Primary 2 Mr Short (Room 4)
Primary 3/2 Mrs Shearer (Room 9)
Primary 3 Mrs. Priest (Room 5) and Mrs Lyon (Room 6)
Primary 4 Mrs Begley (Room 7) and Mrs Williamson (Room 8)
Primary 5 Miss Clarke (Room 11) and Miss Differ (Room 12)
Primary 6 Miss Jess (Room 13) and Mrs Quinn (Room 14)
Primary 7 Mrs Bruce (Room 15) and Miss King (Room 16)
Support for Learning Teacher Miss Gray
P.E. Specialist

Mrs Dickson/ Miss McLeary/Mr Simon

McCrone Teacher Mrs Garvin
Music Specialist Mrs. Smith
Senior Early Years Officer Miss O'Donnell
Early Years Officers Mrs. Baird, Mrs. McFarlane,
  Mrs. McLachlan, Mrs. MacLean
  Mrs Boslem and Miss Brown
 Clerical Assistants  Mrs. Gowans and Mrs Kilpatrick
 Support for Learning Assistants Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Furby, Mrs. Murphy
  Mrs. Watkins , Mrs. Lemetti
  Mrs Thomson and Mrs. Alexander
Janitor Mr. Georgeson
Crossing Patrol Mr. Barrett
Catering Staff Mrs. Mowatt  Mrs. Kane 
  Mrs. Thomson  Mrs. Macrae

Mrs. Pow   Mrs. Ellis 

Mrs Roxborough